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November 17, 2006

So...last night Sam had a gig with the Nunez kids in Picayune. They were
playing for a DUCKS UNLIMITED BANQUET. Much to my surprise and dismay it was not an "all you can eat duck buffet" as the name so decietfully
implied. We were served seafood, but there was not a duck to eat in site.
What trickery!

The gig did go very well and Sam was awesome on his banjo as always...but DUCK

Saturday November 11th

Tonight we play in Covington at Haik Park for the Three Rivers Arts
Festival Artists' Welcome. Sam just told me that tonight it is supposed
to get down to 34 degrees. UGH. That is hard on a Louisiana chick! I have
a tough time singing when I'm cold. I end up sounding like a shivering
billy goat. Oh well, I'll wear my long johns under my jeans. Maybe they
will move the whole thing indoors because of the weather. That would be
great. If not, we'll just tough it out! :-) No bbbbig ddddeal,

I'm going to make my mandolin debut tonight as well. I've been practicing
and I'm excited about this. It's always fun to learn something new. If I
mess up, just pretend you don't notice. :-)

On a completely different note, I have been getting flooded with emails
and guestbook signings from people all over the country and all over the
world about these hummingbird photos. We had no idea that they would
spread like wild fire when we sent them to a few friends who sent them to
a few friends and so on and so on. If you haven't seen them, they are
here on my site. Here's a quick link.
The whole 'story' is on that page.

Time to walk the puppy. I'll blog on her later.

October 28, 2006

I just went to my guest book because I got a notice in my email that it
had been signed recently. That's how that works. When someone signs, I am
notified and then I go check and if it isn't SPAM, or some weirdo, then I
"okay" it to be posted.

The lady that signed it is a new friend of mine. I met her because the
love of her life is one of my patients. They are such a nice couple.
Anyway, she signed my guestbook and mentioned that she read all the
comments in my guestbook and she commented on the love I have from my
family and my husband.

I haven't read my entire guestbook in quite awhile, so I did this morning.
It was like a trip down memory lane. I loved reading the comments from my
children, back when I first started singing 'in public' with Jude. They
were so encouraging and proud. I loved reading the sweet comments from
new friends that have now become 'old' dear dear friends, like Jude and
Clay. I loved reading the comment from Sam when we were just brand-new
friends. Now he is my husband, and we are BEST friends.
Thanks Ms. Jean for prompting me to go back and read my entire guestbook.
It's nice to be reminded.

October 23, 2006

October is almost over, and I haven't blogged since September. We have
been so busy and enjoying every minute of life.
We played at the Washington Parish Fair on Oct. 19th. It was a beautiful
day and we had a great turn out. I haven't played at the Fair the last
couple of years because Sam and I were in Italy each October for the past
two years.

On October 20th we played at Griffith Park in Slidell for the Brown Bag
Concert. Jude once again made magic with his outstanding sound system. He
really knows what he is doing with all of buttons and knobs and wires. I keep teasing him by asking him to make me sound "skinny".

We play this coming Sunday at Friends in Madisonville. I hope the weather
is nice since we play outside on the deck. I'm not too fond of cold weather so...we'll see.

On another note,this year, for the first time, I entered some photographs
in the Washington Parish Fair competition. I must say I was completely
floored to find out that I won Best of Show. The photograph is one that I
took when Sam and I were in Arizona this past February. I'll post it in my
gallery so you can take a look if you'd like. Winning a prize like this only puts a little fire under my feet to go and take more and more photographs. Sam and I have a photogallery on Pbase. You can see our photos here.

Hope to see you at a gig soon. Happy October!

October 5 , 2006


1. Deep conditioned my hair daily, sometimes two or three times because of
a hair disaster that happened right before he left...but that could be a
whole different blog.

2. Ate out for lunch everyday. Twice with George, once with Amanda, other
times, all by my little lonesome.

3.Skipped supper, except for cereal..or pretzels, or popcorn.

4. Killed one huge monster roach that had the nerve to come in my back
door as I was yelling at him to go away. He kept coming straight into my
house. He got what he deserved.

5. Made my own coffee. Every morning. By myself.

6. Practiced my guitar and started writing a song.

7. Did a little binge shopping. FELT GREAT!

8. Took out the garbage.

9. Counted the days till he gets back.


1. Had a decent home cooked meal

2. Laughed till I've cried

3. Shaved my legs.

September 29, 2006


Today is my anniversary. I am in complete heaven, married to the man of my
dreams. These past two years have been the happiest years of my life.
I think we are a perfect match. Both of us are goofballs. We both love
music, and we both find humor in just about everything.
Sam is my true love and soulmate. I'm the luckiest woman alive.
Happy Anniversary to you Sam. I love you forever and beyond!


September 24, 2006


Sam is building my new website and it’s looking good! I’ve never had a
blog before, so I’ve decided to practice writing one even before he
finishes my new site.

We had a terrific weekend. We were at the Bluegrass Festival in Angie, La
the past couple of evenings. We were able to do some jammin with our good
bud Mike Pace. Whoa, can he make a fiddle sing. We were pleased that
Sidney and Ray were there, and Hutson Brock, and Keenan Knight , and
Justin and Katie Nunez. (Too many to name everyone, but there were some
excellent pickers in the circle!)

My fingers are very sore! Gosh, listening to those guys play sure does
make me want to practice my guitar. Okay…that’s where I’m going now.